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Kevin Bratcher


With the guidance of his Luthier friend, Butch Boswell,  Kevin built his first acoustic guitar in 2011, a 1930s Martin-style 000/OM-28  which he gave to his wife Susan as a Christmas present. The quality and expertise demonstrated in this first build was extraordinary.  He's been honing his craft ever since building over 13 guitars in between his many other interests and busy career.


Kevin’s passion for old-growth, rare and/or salvaged materials both for furniture and guitars, is at the center of his design aesthetic and superior sonic properties of the guitars.


Kevin’s guitars have landed in the hands of some incredibly accomplished guitar players/songwriters/performers to include:  Susan Ritchie, Ernie Halter, Rowdy Yates, Scott Martin, Josh Rosenblum, Rob Vermeulen and Shane Alexander.

Kevin grew up in the mountain town of Tehachapi, CA in the 60s and 70s where his interest in art began in elementary school. His passion turned into award-winning mixed media art while also becoming a classic car fanatic and music lover at a very young age.  These interests have followed him throughout his life. 

Kevin began working in the construction trades at the age of 13, served in the Army, and then resumed his work in the trades as an auto upholsterer, roofer, carpenter, and cabinet maker.  A transition into the wind power business, building and maintaining wind turbines, led to his 20-year career as an electrical contractor. 



Hip shot

If a Bratcher lands in your hands, you know you've done something right.

Kevin has been married to singer-song writer Susan Ritchie since 2009 and as her band's skilled sound man & guitar tech, he's qualified to say "I'm with the band!" 

As an overall music lover and amateur guitarist, his ear is always an important piece to her music.

He has restored and/or modified over 40 classic cars/trucks.

Aserial house flipper with Susan, he has designed and executed the complete remodel and flipping of five homes over the span of 14 years. 

Once was a "hang around" of a very notorious CA motorcycle gang.

He designs and builds exquisite furniture pieces in the mid-century style.

You can have his guitar but don't touch his hat.

He may look like a surfer dude who loves him some sneakers and a t-shirt, but he can fly that style flag in all things design, including buying clothes for Susan.

His meticulous garage is the envy of many.

His favorite summer Sunday is an afternoon at Mersea's on Avila Pier, dinner at the bar at Giuseppe's in Pismo, then some good local music down the block at Puffer's.

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