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Gary Wooten's Low Standards, Vol 1; Moonshiner Collective's new EP: Press Release

Updated: Mar 20



Gary Wooten, 8-string guitarist from one of the Central Coast’s most popular bands, Moonshiner Collective, releases his solo project,

Gary Wooten’s Low Standards, Vol.1


Gary’s unique and rare guitar playing, in a class of players that is comprised of only a few in the world that have mastered the sound, shines on this collection of familiar standards.


(San Luis Obispo, CA, March 20, 2024) — Cover songs may be an almost predictable offering from most artists performing on the popular club, winery, and event circuit, but audiences have never heard anything quite like this before.  As a student of guitar for over 40 years, Gary has mastered a specialized sound and performance on an 8-string guitar, a hybrid instrument which combines both elements of a guitar and bass in one. Splitting half the strings to the bass, and the other to guitar, each sound is wired to its own amp, essentially playing the part of two instruments. New fans are awed and old fans have been treated to this phenomenon for the last 5 years as Gary represents both the bassist and guitarist for local award-winning band, Moonshiner Collective.

Gary Wooten’s Low Standards, Vol 1 was released at the end of 2023 and features nine of these beloved songs including “Mad World” by Tears For Fears, “Purple Rain” by Prince and “When I’m 64" by The Beatles. The name "Low Standards" refers to the performance of familiar songs, or "Standards" on an eight-string, or "Low" guitar. He comments, “This CD is the culmination of nearly 20 years of developing this style and these songs and I couldn’t be more excited to share its unique beauty with music fans worldwide. Special thanks to the Central Coast music community for making it happen, I couldn’t have done it without you!”


Gary performs his standards all over the Central Coast, while also teaching guitar at Grand Central Music & Conservatory, and playing with Moonshiner Collective on selective bookings that bring the ultimate music experience to their longtime fans. Catch Gary’s interview and live performance on Adam Montiel’s top-rated podcast, Up + Adam w/ Adam Montiel this Thursday.



Gary Wooten is a professional eight string hybrid guitarist/bassist who has studied guitar for over 40 years and performed over 4,000 shows in all genres and venues from NFL stadiums to the Grand Ole Opry and almost every fair, festival, and bar in-between. Creating the perfect ambience for everything from wineries, weddings, dinner parties and small venues, he performs songs that are instantly recognizable and easily palatable for wide audiences. Gary is currently available for live performances, studio sessions, and private lessons on California's beautiful central coast and surrounding area.


Media Contact (images, music, interviews):

Liz KayDark Horse Music Collective




Moonshiner Collective News!

Now out,  Moonshiner Collective’s latest EP, Reason To Believe, featuring five brand new songs from the band headed by Dan Curcio, with guitar/bass by Gary Wooten and a string of other musical collaborators. Reason to Believe follows six previous releases including three EPs and three full studio albums, and features MC’s upbeat brand of indie rock music, anchored by Curcio’s distinctively warm and soulful voice, and exceptional musicianship. As always, the songs center around family, love, optimism, and the power of community. Dan comments, “Reason to Believe” is a collection of songs that speak to the gratitude I’ve felt over the last 7 years of being a father. It touches on 90’s childhood nostalgia, meeting my wife and creating our dream together, good souls continuing on beyond this life, and a growing belief in the great design of this world as I’ve witnessed the wonder and beauty of life through my daughters’ eyes.”


Stream EP on Spotify, and fans can join in the celebration for the new collection at the  EP Release Party this Friday at Slo Brew Rock, with special guest Wolf Jett.  Doors at 7, ticket info here.


Announcement coming soon on next Under The Moon concert! The "Under The Moon" concert series brings together good people, music, and libations in unique outdoor settings across the West Coast.  Whether in the middle of a vineyard or next to the ocean, the series takes place in idyllic locations off the grid.  These settings create an unforgettable experience that blends campfire nostalgia with a high-end professional concert experience.  The band is always inspired  to tell stories with a different type of excitement and passion that only the outdoors with a group of good humans can summon. Stay connected and be the first to hear about the next Under The Moon concert!



Moonshiner Collective is the San Luis Obispo, California based musical project of multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Dan Curcio, 8 string guitarist Gary Wooten, and many talented collaborators that draws from a diverse range of rock, blues, funk, and Americana influences. The band name and ethos was derived from the experiences Curcio had playing music under the moon and stars with friends while living in a yurt overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the small California beach town of Cayucos. The music’s unifying positivity bridges gaps in generations and genres with a sound and message that combines good time music with a soulful and passionate depth.

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