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Sadie Jasper

Sadie Jasper is a born and raised Texas singer and songwriter. Her music has many genre influences, ranging from rock to pop to country to hip-hop, leaving her with a unique sound of her own that is centered around the vocals and lyrics. She is wife and a mom of two boys. Her family heavily influences her songwriting as she often writes about the juxtapositions of being an artist, a lover and a caretaker. She released her first EP, Shut It Off, in 2021. Although complex and poetic, as her songwriting often is, it's a familiar story of a young woman coming of age laid out in five songs. Wrestling with indoctrinated beliefs about God and faith, she struggles to find freedom and authenticity in her identity and writes about the mental health struggles that girls born into extreme religion often face as they become women. She is currently working on producing and releasing her first LP, which, in some sort, is a conclusion to Shut It Off. As she settles into adulthood, she comes full circle as you’ll hear her sing about her anger transformed into female power, liberation, and self love.

Check out her website and her new video.

Read her Blog on the making of Her Kingdom Come

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 19-58-35 Sadie Jasper (_sadiejasper) • Instagram photos and video

Hip Shot

Mom, badass.

Texan. Californian. We think it's the perfect mix.

Her graduating class in high school was a total of 3.

She has old-soul insight.

You want to know more.

Multi instrumentalist. Producer chops.

Vibes: Lorde. Sinead. Billie. But still Sadie.

Health advocate: mind, body, spirit

Her favorite songwriter artists are U2 and Coldplay

She raps legit.

She won in 2 categories for New Times Music Awards.

You want her to style you.

She keeps our stable cool.

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Tel: 805-994-9952

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