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Josh Rosenblum

Josh Rosenblum is an artist based on California's Central Coast whose sound touches on the sensibilities of southern rock, pop,  country, funk, R&B, and jazz. Forming his band in 2008, he works with a collective of various musicians, releasing 6 studio albums (getting ready to release his 7th), and tours the West on a regular basis.


Josh's modern, high energy vibe is works perfectly along his old-soul like musicianship, vocals, and writing style, fusing the generational gaps in today's music world into a streamlined array of infectious grooves and relatable lyrics.  Josh writes all of his words and music taking inspiration from past experience, the hypothetical, day-to-day struggles and just good old-fashioned story telling.

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"Raw human emotion with phenomenal production and an insane amount of commercial appeal. We're sure you'll never hear Blues Pop riffs on the airwaves which share a stark reminiscence to Josh Rosenblum’s — his ability to humbly demonstrate his virtuosic prowess at the same time as creating such accessible music is tragically rare."

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Hip shot

The first instrument he was formally trained on was a trumpet.

He's from a long family line of trumpet players—dating as far back as his grandfather performing with the Rat Pack and Elvis.

He can play guitar kinda good.

Soulful rocker. If we had to say. There's just so much.

He loves him a good denim shirt.

Produces and engineers all of his records, often playing multiple instruments.

Married his high school sweetheart.

He's a huge music nerd.

Gigs like a maniac, with a positive attitude.

Comedy was a serious career consideration, so when called to open for Paul Reiser twice locally, he chalked it up to the next-best-thing.

Has an unnecessarily large catalog of musical impressions

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Tel: 805-994-9952

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