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We believe every artist deserves to realize their dreams.

We also understand that resources are needed to carve that path.

We've thoughtfully created different ways for artists to get started in our collective, whether it's through a monthly connect or a deep-dive into defining your brand.

Opportunities include:

Let's make sure every inch of your talent and story is explored, interpreted and refined to be presented in the most connective way, for all of your audiences.

There's something so grounding that happens when you have a roadmap. It brings everyone into the fold, with clear-cut actions to reach your goals. After your brand position is tight, let's craft a strategic plan for the long game, with an immediate hit-list in our short sight. 

Anywhere you are should be your best self. With your brand positioning solid, let's make sure you look cohesive everywhere. We'll dig into logo, photography, website, social posts, marketing materials and anything else with your brand on it.

Whether you need tour & booking assist, or consult and execution on your pitch (story, creative, execution), we can craft a strategic plan.


So How do we do this?


Contact us for a consult on the services listed.

We also have an artist monthly subscription plan to get you in the fold if you want to dip in &  check us out. Subscription includes:

strategic consults,  inclusion in our monthly meet, & media.

Contact us for the details.


Tel: 805-994-9952

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