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Stable Sessions

Here at DHMC, we believe in creating our own magic, in intimate spaces surrounded by music lovers who support original artists. These experiences are one-of-a-kind evenings in private homes throughout SLO county, both indoors and outdoors depending on the weather and the space.

Story-telling is at the heart of the experience, in both the songs and the inspiration behind them. We want to hear the stories of our artists today, and support the artists of our own generation, here and now.

The line-ups vary but typically we feature a "headliner" and then 2 acts before that. Often, the opener will offer an extended story, and the evening may embrace a theme, things artists face in their craft: inspiration, opportunity, community, collaboration and even mental health.

What To Expect:

  • An exceptional evening of original music

  • An intimate and curated experience

  • A revolving roster of the best singer-songwriters who cross our path

  • An invitation-only event for original music lovers

  • 2-3 hours of music

  • Appetizers and nibbles

  • Suggested donation

DHMC curates and produces these experiences for private parties who want to host an evening of music for special occasions. Get in touch for more info.

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Tel: 805-994-9952

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