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ROb vermeulen

Producer. Musician

Rob Vermeulen grew up in the rockin’ 60’s in the Netherlands. He picked up the ukelele when he was 11 years old and laid up with a broken leg. Ten years later he was leading several bands and touring Europe, now he is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer and audio engineer.

Collaborating with top talent, Rob has recorded hundreds of songs, resulting in over 100K CD sales and 1M+ YouTube hits.

As an experienced bass and guitar player and frequent MD, Rob is known as the “musician’s producer”, meaning that he knows both sides of the recording process. He also has extensive experience in dubbing and voice-overs, and recording and editing complete audio productions.

He met his American wife at 21 and their subsequent marriage of 35 years has borne many creative and collaborative projects, including their two children, Colin Lee and Rachel Louise who are professional recording artists in their own right.

Now living in California, Rob is excited about working with local and international talent at his fully equipped studio on the beautiful Central Coast or on-site studio and live projects.

Hip Shot

He knows his music.

He has a positive and easy-to-laugh nature.

Hhas an incredible ear.

Works from a cool state-of-the-art studio in Morro Bay - it's fun to go there.

Artists love him.

He’s Dutch - he’ll insist on the best coffee ever.

He's relevant - he goes to live music like its his job. Oh, It is!

A badass bass player.

He's accommodating & works with everyone's schedule.

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Tel: 805-994-9952

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