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WE Support Shows

We believe that for any event to be successful, it takes a promo machine to reach the fans. It needs a team with the same goal in mind: everyone wins.

We look for good partners in venues, booking agents and promoters so that together, we all work towards selling tickets, growing audiences, driving connective branding and building our artists' overall plan and vision, while supporting the live music industry.

DHMC is committed to being a respected partner for this industry.

What we Bring:


  • Professional representation for every artist.

  • Streamlined processes and communications for booking.

  • Seasoned music professionals and multi-instrumentalists with deep knowledge in sound, engineering, production and live performance.

  • Artists with touring bases and dedicated followings.

  • Content marketing to support every show — DHMC and our artists are active on social media, and release monthly newsletters to promote shows.

  • PR support when needed for larger events.

  • Any strategic planning needed to make the event a success!


Tel: 805-994-9952

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